Typing long-winded scripts into the irb prompt can be a pain in the ass! It's been annoying me for a while now, so I decided enough was enough.

I found a way to run a ruby script (the one which is currently open in vim) through irb, then leave you at a irb prompt to execute further commands.

Say you're editing a ruby script in vim...

In vim you can run external commands by using ":!". Also you can use "%" to specify the current file. So with this in mind you can run the above script through irb and use the -r argument to leave you at the irb prompt. Here is what you need to type in vim:

[gist url="http://gist.github.com/448216.js?file=vim_irb_command.sh">

This will leave you at an irb prompt where you can perform actions on "Book"...

[gist url="http://gist.github.com/448220.js?file=irb_commands">

Then when you're finished, exiting the irb prompt will bring you back to the file you were editing :)

Also, to make your life even easier, you can use a short-hand vim command to execute the last command. This saves you from typing ":! irb -r %" everytime...


This has made my life so much easier when testing a piece of code in isolation.

UPDATE: A few people have pointed out the interactive_editor gem. Both methods work, choose whichever suits you best.