Wish I was there, unfortunately I'm just going to have to catch the PodCast. Looks like the main topic will be Rails 3 and what it is going to bring to community. For those of you who are living in a cave, Rails 3 will be an aggregate of the best parts of Ruby on Rails and the Merb frameworks.

The integration of some of the Merb ideas will see a more modular approach introduced to Rails. For instance, in the past you were forced to go with ActiveRecord for the object relational mapping. Going forward this will change, you will have the choice of ActiveRecord, Datamapper and Sequel. Nice!

Further to this, Rails with not favour specific javascript libraries i.e. Prototype and Scriptaculous. This will be a big plus for all the jQuery fans.

Rails will still have an opinion about what is used as a default. This is a good thing, we don't lots of configuration; after all, this is one the best features of Rails.

I'm looking forward to seeing what other features are in the pipeline.