This article will guide you through the process of installing Ruby on Rails, and any other software that is required to begin using it.

This is the first of two articles, Part 1 will show you how to install Ruby on Rails (on Windows) and Part 2 will show you how to create a basic blog.

In order to create a web application with Rails, you will need the following software:

  • Ruby (The interpreter for the Ruby Language)
  • DBMS (This will be MySQL for this tutorial)
  • Rails (Obviously)

First, Installing Ruby!

Ruby is an interpreted language, which means that you don’t have to compile your code before you can execute it - it is interpreted at runtime. For this, we require the Ruby interpreter.

So let’s get started! To install the Ruby interpreter, you will need to download one-click installer.

After initiating the setup process, by double clicking on the one-click installer, you will be guided through the installation by the setup wizard, as follows:

This screen tells you what you are installing (Ruby!) and what version. Nothing much to see here, Click "Next" to move on...

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